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AppEx Overview


  • Compatible with

    • Sales Cloud

    • Consumer Goods Cloud

  • Mobile applications

    • Salesforce1

    • CG Cloud

    • Apps built via Mobile Publisher

  • Salesforce editions

    • Enterprise

    • Unlimited

  • Salesforce data models

    • Base

    • Enhanced

  • Salesforce store&account structure: Two levels required, i.e. parent-child

  • Salesforce Org data structure: One Salesforce Org can connect to multiple Trax Projects. (Trax project is an environment that usually includes the data for one country.)

  • App language: English


High level solution overview

User flow

The user will go through the following steps during the visits:

  1. Sales reps open Salesforce mobile app and start the visit.

  2. Users are navigated from Salesforce to Trax via deep link.

  3. Sales reps capture images in Trax. The Trax app guides the users during the photo taking to ensure good photo quality. Trax provides built-in offline features to support the users during the process. E.g., blur detection, angle detection etc.

  4. As soon as the photos are taken, the app automatically starts syncing them to Trax servers for analysis.

  5. Meanwhile the sales reps continue with the other Trax tasks.

  6. The users receive the initial results from Trax within a few minutes, so that they can quickly review it, give additional comments and/or fix recognition issues. Then, the data is sent to Trax server for KPI recalculation based on the user feedback.

  7. Once the sales reps complete all activities in Trax, they will end the visit in Trax app and will be returned to where they left off in the Salesforce mobile application.

  8. Meanwhile all KPI data is passed to Salesforce servers, real-time, in the background so that if the next best action capability is configured, Salesforce could incorporate the Trax KPI data to define the next best action for the sales reps. If so, the Salesforce server will sync the data to the Salesforce mobile application so that the users can take actions.

  9. After the mobile users complete all Salesforce task, they will close the visit.

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