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Output Data

Once the visit data for a store visit (session) has been processed, a report called an Analysis Result will be generated. This report is comprised of data related to recognized items, pricing information, calculations, and questionnaire data

Note: The Scope of the returned data is based on the agreement between Trax and the customer

Obtaining Analysis Results

Since the actual results may contain a large amount of data, obtaining Analysis Results will be done in two steps: 

  • Obtaining the link to the full results

  • Downloading the full results (a JSON file) from the link

There are two ways in which the link to the full results can be obtained

  • via PUSH - in which Trax will notify an endpoint designated by the client to receive analysis results. Each notification will contain the session UID and a link to the analysis results file. See the section on Notifier  

  • via PULL - in which the client system calls the Trax system to retrieve Analysis Results. In the pull method, links to the analysis result file will always contain metadata about the store visit. The documentation of these fields can be seen in the Analysis Results Entry Metadata section of the Retrieving Analysis Results page.

    Using the pull method, there are two ways in which the user can extract the links to the analysis results  of store visits from Trax: 

    • GET batched results - see section Bulk Analysis Results of the of the Retrieving Analysis Results page

    • PULL from a virtual queue - see section Analysis Results Queue of the of the Retrieving Analysis Results page

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