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If a user wants to use their own application or service for the image collection part of their In Store Execution, the Input API provides a way to upload that information to the Trax system. To do so, Trax provides a series of Input API endpoints that allow for uploading information and images related to the store visit. The endpoints are:​

  1. Sessions - A session is a collection of Scenes taken in a store, it is also called a store visit

  2. Scenes - A Scene is a collection of Images

  3. Images - An Image is one of many pictures captured during a session in a store and is the basic recognition unit in Trax

Once all the sessions's data is received by Trax, the session will undergo Trax's Recognition and Analysis processes

Gather all of the visit Data

How to create a store visit using the Trax API 

  1. Upload Images, Note: task_code = scene_types configured by Trax implementation team ​​​​

  2. Create a Scene

  3. Create a new Session

  4. Send in Session id, and list of scenes

The animations below show a representation of capturing images for a Scene. 

Note: The scenes are depicting a physical section in the store. When the user captures a scene there should be a 20% overlap between the images for successful stitching of the scene: 

Example 1: A sequential scene (image after image, from left to right)

Input API

Example 2: A 'Tiled' scene (top partial image, bottom partial image throughout the scene, from left to right)

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