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API endpoint to get information about Retailer entities ​

Retrieve retailer data 


Supported Protocol: HTTPS

GET /api/:version_number/:project_name/entity/store/district?:pagination_params

curl -K -H "Authorization: Auth-Token YOUR_PROJECT-API-KEY"

metadata object 

Info related to pagination

retailer Object[]

List of retailer, each containing the following fields:

retailer_name string

Retailer name (Retailer names that have been configured in coordination with Trax implementation team) 

is_deleted boolean


retailer_code number

Code of the given retailer

Request Details

Mandatory fields marked indicated by



"metadata": {

"page": 1,

"per_page": 200,

"page_count": 1,

"total_count": 1,

"links": {

"self": "?page=0&per_page=200",

"first": "?page=0&per_page=200",

"previous": "",

"next": "",

"last": ""



"retailer": [


"retailer_name": "My retailer",

"retailer_code": null, 

"is_deleted": false



"retailer_name": "My retailer-1",

"retailer_code": null,

"is_deleted": false





Response Details

The Retailer GET reply body will contain the following fields:

Validation and Errors

The following are the validations and errors that may appear due to an invalid GET request:

Incorrect or expired token

  • Error Code: 401 - Unauthorized

  • Error: Incorrect or expired token 

Requesting a forbidden resource

  • Error Code: 403 - Forbidden

  • Error: A forbidden resource has been requested <resource>

Request Headers

Authorization string

Value: 'Auth-Token {project auth token}'

Authentication token provided by Trax

Query Parameters

version_number string *

The current implemented API version. <Major> version (e.g. 'v4')


project_name string *

Project name as provided by Trax

pagination params 

For more info see the pagination page. By default the first page will be returned first

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