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We at Trax have developed a sophisticated SDK that enables our partners to seamlessly integrate our advanced camera and computer vision capabilities into their own sales force automation mobile apps.

By leveraging the Scene SDK, our partners' field representatives can consolidate the workflows of the sales reps and eliminate the need for multiple apps installed on the devices. Also, it enables them to achieve high image quality with fast and intuitive photo taking experience. With support for both Android and iOS platforms, our SDK empowers our partners' teams to utilise sophisticated image recognition technology within their existing sales force app.

The Scene SDK provides a comprehensive set of features that empower our partners to leverage the full potential of image capturing and camera settings within their sales force mobile apps. Seamlessly integrated and highly customizable, these features enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of field representatives. Let's explore the key features in detail.

Enable users to capture high-quality images of store shelves with ease. The snapshot camera feature allows field representatives to quickly and accurately document shelf conditions, product placements, and stock levels, facilitating real-time insights and informed decision-making.

Snapshot Camera

Snapshot Camera with Puzzle Mode

Capture multiple images of longer shelves using the snapshot camera with puzzle mode. This feature enables users to conveniently capture a series of images, which are later stitched together once uploaded to the Trax cloud. The result is a seamless panoramic view that provides a comprehensive representation of the entire shelf.

When using the puzzle mode feature on iOS, the Scene SDK provides an overlap indicator to assist field representatives in capturing optimal images for stitching. The overlap indicator visually guides users to achieve the desired amount of overlap between consecutive captures, ensuring seamless stitching of images.

Image Gallery

The Scene SDK's Image Gallery feature allows users to view their captured images in a convenient thumbnail format. With this functionality, field representatives have a user-friendly way to quickly browse and access the images captured during store visits.

Image Picker

In cases where capturing images in-store is not possible, users can upload photos from their device's gallery. This feature ensures flexibility and convenience, allowing field representatives to document shelf conditions even when an on-site visit is not feasible.

Focus and Exposure Control

Empower users with precise control over focus and exposure settings on the snapshot screen. With adjustable parameters, field representatives can ensure optimal image quality and clarity, capturing detailed visuals of products and shelves.

Vertical and Horizontal Leveler

Maintain visual alignment and accuracy with the vertical and horizontal leveler feature. Field representatives can align their device with the shelf, ensuring straight and well-composed images for consistent analysis and reporting.

Blur Detection

The Scene SDK includes a blur detection feature that identifies image blurriness after it is captured. Once an image is taken, the SDK analyzes it for blurriness and alerts the user if blurriness is detected. Note: the horizontal leveler and the blur detection features are included in separate packages.

Device Stability Alert

Ensure stable image capture by alerting users when the device is detected to be in an unstable position. This feature prompts field representatives to stabilize their device, minimizing image blurring and maximizing the quality of captured visuals.

Ultra-wide images

To reduce the time spent by field reps taking pictures, we developed the ultra wide angle picture taking within the SDK, which allows users to take fewer pictures per location and capture shelf images in narrow aisle easily.  The users with ultra-wide lens devices can captures an exceptionally wide perspective. It allows for a significantly broader view compared to a standard or wide-angle lens.

The Scene SDK provides the following output:

  • the captured images both in their original format and as thumbnails

  • in addition also all available metadata associated with each image including the the timestamp information, geolocation data, device orientation and the puzzle mode grid information among others.


Please note that to send the captured images to Trax for processing, partners need to leverage the capabilities of their host app to handle the data transmission. This needs to be done via our existing Store Visit Inflow API endpoints.

SDK License Management

The Scene SDK incorporates a robust license management system that ensures compliance with contractual agreements and controls the usage of the SDK.

This functionality operates as follows:

When a partner's sales force mobile app requires the use of the camera functionality for the first time on a given day, the SDK requests a daily token from the license management system. This token is necessary to authenticate and verify the partner's eligibility to use the SDK on that particular day.

Daily Token Request

License Acquisition

Upon requesting the daily token, the license management system checks if the partner's daily quota has been exceeded. If the quota is not exceeded, the system grants a license to the SDK, allowing it to be used for the day.

If the partner's daily quota has already been reached or exceeded, the license management system denies the SDK access for the given day. This prevents further usage of the SDK until the quota resets or is adjusted.

Technical Documentation

We are diligently working on preparing technical documentation for iOS. Soon, you will have access to a wealth of information to seamlessly integrate our SDK into your iOS applications.

Stay tuned for updates on the release of our iOS technical documentation. In the meantime, feel free to dive into our Android documentation to get started with our SDK.

For developers seeking in-depth technical details, we offer comprehensive technical documentation to assist with integrating our SDK into your Android and iOS applications.

Technical Documentation for Android (password-protected)

Explore our detailed technical documentation for Android. This documentation provides insights into SDK integration, API usage, and best practices tailored for the Android platform. The document is password protected, to get access to it please turn to Trax.

Technical Documentation for iOS (Coming Soon)

Scene Mobile SDK

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