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No pagination params are required by default

page[number] number 

Page number to be returned. The first page will be displayed be default​

per_page[size] number

Number of entries per page. Maximum and by default 200 per page

filter[<field name>] string

Filter field according to relevant fields and values. Filter must of type 'equal'. Adding multiple values is supported, the values must be separated by commas.

Not supported in retrieving bulk analysis results!

sort string

Sort order 

For example: sort=field1,-field2

meaning sort by field1 ascending and field2 descending

Not supported in retrieving bulk analysis results!


Pagination is available with certain routes where the quantity of the data returned may be large. It provides the ability to receive a readable portion of the data and includes features such as filtering, sorting, page limitations, querying for a specific page and setting the page size

GET /api/:version_number/:project_name/:entities?:pagination_params

Request Format

Pagination Params


The http request will include a 'metadata' section which will include the pagination details and important pagination links

meatadata Object 

pagination info

page number

The page number returned

page_number number

Number of results per current page ​

page_count number

Total ​number of pages 

total_count number

Total number of results​

links Object

Helpful pagination links:​

self string

Link to the cur​rent page

e.g. "self":"/entity?page=5&per_page=20"

first string

Link to the first page

e.g. "first":"/entity?page=5&per_page=20"

previous string

Link to the previous page

e.g. "previous":"/entity?page=5&per_page=20"

next string

Link to the next page

e.g. "next":"/entity?page=5&per_page=20"

last string

Link to the last page

e.g. "last":"/entity?page=5&per_page=20"

<entities> Object[]

A list of <entities>

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