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Get Async-Job Status

A client may use the returned job identifier id to query the progress of the job.

The possible identifiers are:

Entity Error File Example



"store_number" : 136,

"errors" : ["missing mandatory field : 'store_name'"]



"store_number" : 15656,

"errors" : ["incorrect value : 'latitude' - expected Number received String"]



GET Aysnc-Job Status Example


"entity_type": "store",

"file_name": "my_file.json"

"input_file_url": "<job-id>/my-file.json",

"number_of_job_items": 1,

"action": "upload",

"mode": "new",

"user_name": "qa-api-user",

"source": "API",

"import_mode": "",

"project": "dev10",

"parsed_file_url": "",

"status": "done",

"creation_time": "2022-05-08T08:09:44.202Z",

"tries": 1,

"failure_reason": null,

"complete_time": "2022-05-08T08:09:50.893Z",

"number_of_effected_items": 0,

"number_of_rejected_items": 1,



"rejection_details_xlsx_url": "



  • 'queued': The async job is pending on the Trax side

  • 'in progress': The async job is currently running

  • 'done': The async job completed successfully. If there are errors in the processed file they will appear in the rejection_details link/s

  • 'failed': The async job was unable to complete. Please retry and if it continues to fail, please contact support​

GET /api/:version_number/:project_name/async-job/status/:async-job-id

Supported Protocol: HTTPS

POST Async-Job

Supported Protocol: HTTPS

POST /api/:version_number/:project_name/async-job?uploadType=multipart

Request Details

Mandatory fields marked indicated by




Content-Type:multipart/form-data; boundary=[YOUR_CUSTOM_BOUNDARY]



Content-Disposition: form-data; name="entity_type"



Content-Disposition: form-data; name="file_format"



Content-Disposition: form-data; name="file"; filename=""

Content-Type: application/gzip


Request Example

Response Details

The Async-Job POST reply body will contain the following fields:

Async Job received 

GET 'async-job/status/<async-job-id>' should be used to query the progress of the job with id <async-job-id>. See section below. 

  • HTTP Code: 202 Accepted

  • Response Header: 

    • Location : '<version_number>/<project_name>/async-job/status/<async-job-id>'

Incorrect Request

  • HTTP Code: 400 - Bad Request

    • Error Parsing Request

Empty File Received

  • Error Code: 400 - Bad Request

    • Received file is empty

Request Headers

Authorization string

Value: 'Auth-Token {project auth token}'

Authentication token provided by Trax

Content-Type string

Value: 'multipart/form-data'

Data type needed for request. If including a custom boundary string for identifying the sections of the request, include here as well


Content-Type: multipart/form-data;

boundary=<your boundary here>


Content-Length number

The total number of bytes in the request body

Query Parameters

version_number string *

The current implemented API version. <Major> version (e.g. 'v4')


project_name string *

Project name as provided by Trax

Request Body

entity_type string *

Value: 'stores' OR 'user' OR 'routes'

The ​entity for which this job applies to

file_format string *


The expected file format


file FILE*

The actual transmitted file

Mandatory fields marked indicated by

Format the body according to the multipart/form-data content type [], which contains a set of key-value pairs in the following format: 


Async Jobs

This method should be used to add an asynchronous job to Trax servers, with the request to add/remove/modify entities

Creating, Deleting and Updating entities

Check Status of Submitted Async-Job

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