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Service Level Agreement

API Support

Backwards Compatibility: 

Trax, at its sole discretion, may change, discontinue or deprecate any APIs for the Services from time to time but will use reasonable efforts to continue supporting the previous version of any API changed, discontinued, or deprecated for 12 months after the change, discontinuation, or deprecation, except if doing so (a) is economically or technically burdensome, (b) would pose a security or intellectual property issue, or (c) is needed to comply with the law or requests of governmental entities.


Trax implements semantic versioning as described below:

  • Given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, increment the:

  • MAJOR version when incompatible API changes are made;

  • MINOR version when functionality in a backwards-compatible manner is added,

  • PATCH version when backwards-compatible bug fixes are made.

  • Additional labels for pre-release and build metadata are available as extensions to the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH format.


The version made available to the Customer via the API is the MAJOR Version, unless otherwise decided by Trax, at its sole discretion.

As part of a MINOR version incrementation, Trax, at its sole discretion, may add (a) A non-mandatory field, and (b) A new route; both of which are not considered as breaking changes.

As part of a MAJOR version incrementation, Trax, at its sole discretion, may change, discontinue, or deprecate any of the APIs features, such as (a) Adding a mandatory field to an existing route, (b) Changing the key name or the value format of an existing field, (c) Deleting an existing field, and (d) Removing a route; all of which are considered as breaking changes and can be performed as part of a MAJOR version.

Quota Limitation:

The Trax API uses a quota to ensure that developers use the Service as intended and do not create applications that unfairly reduce service quality or limit access for others. All API requests, including invalid request are subject to the quota limitation below:

Trax enforces a rate limit policy. This is done by tracking hits per API key, and not per IP; a Customer is entitled of up to 150 requests per any time window of 1 minute (60 seconds). In case a breach of this rate limit is detected Trax will delay or block additional requests. Customers of the API need to build their applications to handle a “429 Too Many Requests” response code that will return when requests are blocked.

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